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State and Local Governments Try New Approaches to Attract Talent as Labor Shortages Linger

State and local governments continue to face severe labor shortages and are deploying new strategies to attract and retain public service workers. State and local governments hired more full-time or part-time staff in 2022 than in 2021, but it was more common for agencies to report higher quits or retirements. Jurisdictions also reported deploying new strategies to widen the pool of job candidates, such as dropping degree requirements (46% for state agencies) for some positions.

The state and local government human resources professionals surveyed for the research also reported the most difficult positions to fill include policing (78%), corrections/jails (77%), nursing (75%), engineering (73%), driving/equipment operation (72%), skilled trades (71%), and dispatch (71%).

These findings are detailed in a new research report, State and Local Workforce: 2023 Survey Findings. Watch the video for more key takeaways.

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